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Publisher of compositions by Mike Keegan


Selected Works for Solo Cello - transcribed for horn by Mike Keegan - $12.50 - Works by Domenico Gabrieli, Auguste Franchomme, Dotzauer, and movements from the Bach cello suites. Note: Parts for Horn in C are available for the following movements: Sarabande from Suite No.5, Bourrees from Suite No.3, and Courante from Suite No.1.

Irish Influences - $6.50

Suite for Solo Horn - $9.00 http://eastwindsmusic.webs.com/Suite for Solo Horn - II. Thinking Deeply.MP3http://eastwindsmusic.webs.com/Suite for Solo Horn - Mike Keegan, I. Intro - Allegro -.MP3http://eastwindsmusic.webs.com/Suite for Solo Horn - III. Whimsical Waltz.MP3

Horn and Piano

Suite for Horn and Piano - $7.00

Nocturne - $6.00http://eastwindsmusic.webs.com/Suite for Horn and Piano - I. Sarabande and Trio.MP3http://eastwindsmusic.webs.com/Suite for Horn and Piano - V. Canon.MP3http://eastwindsmusic.webs.com/Suite for Horn and Piano - IV. Nocturne.MP3http://eastwindsmusic.webs.com/Suite for Horn and Piano - III. Thought for Solo Horn.MP3http://eastwindsmusic.webs.com/Suite for Horn and Piano - II. Dance.MP3

Romance for Horn and Piano - $6.00

Sonata for Horn and Piano - $10.00 Horn and Piano

Three Songs by Gabriel Faure - Lydia, Nocturne, and Les Matelots - $8.00

Langsam from Funf Stucke im Volkston, Op.101 - Robert Schumann - $5.00

Studies in English Folk Song (Nos. 1,2, and 5) - Ralph Vaughan-Williams - $8.00

Note: The works by Faure, Schumann, and Vaughan-Williams are arrangements and transcriptions I did of these works. 

Sicilienne, Op.78 - Gabriel Faure - $7.00

Horn and organ

Album for Horn and Organ: Tantum Ergo Sacarteum - Gabriel Faure, Benedictus from Mass in B Minor - J.S. Bach, Sarabande - Josef Sulzer, Gelobet seisst du Jesu Christe - Kaufmann, and Wachet Auf - Johann Ludwig Krebs. Note: These are arrangements and transcriptions of the works listed here. - $11.00

Sarabande and Trio - $6.00

horn and voice

Two Songs Based on Poems of James Joyce:

The Twilight Turns from Amethyst and Winds of May - $7.00 each


horn and woodwinds

Suite for Flute and Horn - Currently being reworked. It will be available May 2014.

Suite for Clarinet and Horn - $8.00

Dialogue for Oboe and Horn - $6.50 

Arrangements of Invention No.1 in C Major and Minuet in G Minor - J.S. Bach -, Sonata in D Minor, Scarlatti, and Sonata No.3, Haydn - $10.00

Transcriptions of Selected Duets for Two Horns, K487 - W.A. Mozart (Flute and Horn, Oboe and Horn, and Clarinet and Horn) - $5.00 each. 


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horn and strings

Horn and Cello: 

Duo (Also available for horn and bassoon) - $8.00

Chant - $8.00

Dialogue - $8.00

Quintet for Horn and String Quartet - $12.00

Theme and Variations for Horn, Viola, and Cello - $9.00

horn quartet

Suite - $12.00

Meditation on a Marian Hymn - $5.00

Christmas Music -  Available Upon Request 

arrangements for brass ensemble

Symphony in C Major - Nicolas Lebegue (Brass Sextet) - $5.00

Prelude in B-Flat Major and Fugue in G Minor - Georg Muffat (Brass Sextet) - $7.00

Offertory on O Filii et Filia - Nicolas Lebegue (Brass Quintet) - $5.00

Three Holborne Pieces arr. for Brass Quintet - $5.00

Offertory on O Filii et Filia - Will be available April 2014. (Brass Quintet).

Note: Brass quintet arrangements are for two trumpets, horn, and two trombones.

Thy Kingdom Come - Irish tune arranged for Brass Sextet - $4.50

works for woodwind

Larghetto for Solo Clarinet - $6.00

Dialogue for Flute and Cello - $7.00

Dialogue for Clarinet and Bassoon - $5.00


To order any work, please indicate the number of pieces. There is a $5.00 shipping charge for residents outside of Wisconsin. In other words, if anyone orders three pieces of music, the total cost applies in addition to the shipping charge. I do not accept debit or credit cards. Please make a check out to Eastwinds Music. Mailing Address is: 1472 N. Franklin Pl. #8 Milwaukee, WI 53202. 

To place an order, please use the "Contact Page." Thank you for an interest in my compositions, arrangements, and transcriptions.