Eastwinds Music

Publisher of compositions by Mike Keegan


I offer private horn lessons at reasonable prices of $10.00/half-hour or $15.00 for a one hour lesson. Each lesson depends on the individual needs of each horn player. I cover just about everything ranging from fundamentals, solo work, etc. Each lesson is taught out of my home on the East Side of Milwaukee. With a very flexible schedule, I can teach whatever time works for the individual student.  I will incorporate Music Theory and History as it relates to a particular work being performed. 


It is expected that students show up at their scheduled lesson time. If a student needs to miss a lesson, I need to be notified within 24-72 hours. Excused absences include illness, an unforeseen emergency, inclement weather, family matters, etc. Unexcused absences from a lesson will result in a missed lesson, and this needs to be rescheduled with me. So, please show up for the lesson. 

recommended materials

I teach just about anything a student has. Recommended Materials: 60 Studies - Kopprasch, Progressive, Melodious, and Technical Studies for Horn - Pottag-Andraud (There are two volumes, one is light blue, and the other is red. Etudes by Jacques-Francois Gallay, Henri Kling, and more. I recommend the light blue book, Vol.I). Other Studies will be provided as a student's need warrants. 

Solo Materials: Concertos by Mozart, Richard Strauss, Gliere, etc. Sonatas by Beethoven, Hindemith, Samuel Adler, and more. Other Solo Works: Morceau de Concert - Saint-Saens, Nocturno, Op.7 - Franz Straus, and many more to choose from. Any of my compositions can be selected by students to give them a prospective of composition of a horn work as well as from a performance standpoint. 

For more information about lessons, please use the "Contact" Page, and I will reply within 24-48 hours. I look forward to working with your horn student!